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Laser Lipo DC. We are the largest liposuction center in the US.

Not recommended in Black/Dark skin due to sever scarring and keloiding.
Operation: Laser Lipo DC uses a laser to rapidly dissolve the fat and tighten the surrounding skin. The liquefied fat by Laser lipo is drained away by the body's natural system (lymphatic system) or its suctioned..

Operation Time for Laser lipo: The procedure takes about 2 - 3 hours.

Anesthesia for Laser lipo: The operation is performed under local anesthesia.
Side Effects (Possible) of Laser lipo: Possible side effects include bruising, swelling, and soreness.

Downtime of Laser lipo: Downtime for the procedure is between 1 - 2 days. The patient can return to more strenuous activity in about 2 -3 weeks.

Duration of results of Laser lipo: Results for the procedure are long lasting. However, fat can return to areas that have been treated and those that have not been treated.
Our doctors will advise you if this procedure is right for you.

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