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Operation: This procedure changes the basic shape and balance of the face using carefully shaped implants to build up a receding chin, add prominence to cheekbones, or reshape the jaw line.
Operation Time (estimate): Operating time ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Anesthesia/Pain Control: Patients will receive either general anesthesia or local with sedation.
Location: This is usually an outpatient procedure although occasionally overnight hospital stay may be required.
Side effects (Possible): Patients may experience temporary discomfort such as swelling, bruising, numbness and/or stiffness. If jaw surgery is performed patients may experience the inability to open their mouth fully for several weeks.
Complications (Possible): There may be shifting or imprecise positioning of implant as well as infection around it that would require a second operation or removal. Excess tightening and hardening of scar tissue around the artificial implant ("capsular contracture") may cause unnatural shape.
Downtime: Patients can go back to work in about 1 week and can see normal appearance in 2 to 4 weeks. Patients can resume activities that could jar or bump the facial area in 6 or more weeks.
Duration of Results: Results are permanent.

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